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Care Instructions

How to care for your Sika'a garments

Sika'a garments are designed to become timeless features in your wardrobe. From the very first day through to years from now, we strive to produce clothing that looks exceptional, no matter its age. Sustainable fashion lies at the heart of our brand; it's why we created a name-driven towards African female leaders who care about their planet. By choosing investment fashion, you can reduce your carbon footprint by up to 65%. Therefore, knowing just how to care for your Sika'a African print dresses will ensure that you look exquisite today, tomorrow and forever.


Here at Sika'a, we only use premium-quality and ethically sourced fabrics. Each garment brings to life the vibrancy and beauty of Africa; primarily through the use of these authentic materials. As you move through our online catalogue, you will discover African Super-Wax Cotton, African Wax Cotton and Silk garments that take your breath away. Each fabric must be looked after with precision and care to guarantee it's undeniable beauty at every event.

General washing guidelines

African Super-Wax Cotton and African Wax cotton are both forms of 100% cotton materials. The general guidelines for caring for and maintaining these garments are as follows.

  • - Handle with care at all times.
  • - Wash light and dark colours separately.
  • - Wash all garments inside out to protect the pattern.
  • - Avoid overfilling the washing machine.
  • - Do not wring, rub or twist the material.
  • - Do not bleach.
  • - Do not tumble dry.
  • - Hang to dry in the shade (do not expose the garment to direct sunlight).
  • - Iron inside out on no higher than 150C.

Environmentally friendly home washing

We advise all Sika'a garments are washed using a 40C programme. Setting your machine to a low-spin will help to minimise energy usage and protect the garment from wear and tear. To further improve the efficiency of your wash, ensure your drum is filled to the correct capacity. Follow the washing detergent's instructions exactly, making sure to abide by the specified measurements and quantities. These steps will help to reduce your household carbon footprint while maintaining the quality of your Sika'a African dresses.

Professional dry cleaning

For the best results, always seek out professional dry cleaning services for your Sika'a African print garments. Advise them that a mild process must be used to maintain the item's integrity. Dry cleaning services use a wealth of experience to ensure your Sika'a favourite piece is returned to you in pristine condition.

How to maintain your Sika'a print

Please note that all fabrics are made using 100% cotton. This natural material allows for shrinkage of up to 5% during washing. Over time, fabric's may lose some of their colour and/or finish. However, to maintain this:

  • - Be cautious when choosing lining garments, as those of low quality can cause colour staining and shrinkage.
  • - Always wash your Sika'a garment with similar coloured clothing.
  • - Wash darker fabrics on a cooler wash and use a specialised cool-wash detergent.
  • - Wash your Sika'a garment inside out to reduce friction during a wash.
  • - Hang your item to dry.
  • - Do not expose your garment to direct sunlight when wet.

Caring for silk garments

Silk is a precious and delicate natural fabric. Here at Sika'a, we create alluring silk scarves,African silk dresses, and skirts that promise to garner attention. Although many silk garments call for professional dry cleaning, there are specific steps you can take to maintain them appropriately from your own home.

  • - Always test for colourfastness before washing a silk garment. Use a damp cotton ear bud and apply a spot of water to the inside of the garment or by the seam. Note whether the colour bleeds or changes.
  • - If your garment isn't colourfast, have it cleaned professionally at a dry cleaner.
  • - Also note that bright, dark-coloured and patterned silks are more likely to fade when washed at home than professionally.
  • - Silk is a protein, so avoid contact with harsh detergents. Use a mild shampoo or gentle detergent.
  • - Apply perfumes or hairsprays to your body and allow them to dry before putting the silk garment on. This will reduce chemical damage.

How do I wash my silk Sika'a garment ?

  • - Always hand wash silk
  • - Fill your basin with cool or cold water. This will help to reduce bleeding and maintain the colour.
  • - Add the right measurement of gentle hair shampoo or detergent (according to the packaging).
  • - Swirl the water around to activate the washing agent.
  • - Silk will release dirt on its own, so allow the garment to sit in the water for no longer than 30 minutes.
  • - Drain the water and gently rinse your garment under the tap.
  • - Never wring your silk garment or use a tumble dryer.
  • - To remove excess water, lay the item on a white cotton towel. Use the towel to blot the bulk of the water.
  • - Hang the garment over your bathtub on a padded hanger and allow it to drip dry. This should take no longer than 1 hour.
  • - Ensure your Sika'a African clothing item is not exposed to direct sunlight during the drying process as this can cause fading.

How do I stain treat my silk Sika'a garment?

We advise washing the entire garment rather than focusing on a stained area. This reduces the risk of localised colour bleeding and maintains the overall look of your piece. To remove a stubborn stain on silk clothing:

  • - Mix up 2 cups of lukewarm water with 2 tablespoons of either lemon juice or white vinegar
  • - Test your garment for colourfastness (see advice above)
  • - Use a clean spray bottle filled with your homemade mix and gently spray it on to the area.
  • - Use a sponge to gently work the liquid into the stained area. Be gentle as harsh rubbing can damage silk fibres.
  • - Follow the instructions above and wash the entire garment, removing the stain solution in the process.

Can I iron my silk Sika'a garment?

When it comes to wrinkles, the best way to treat silk is either through steaming or ironing. If you choose to steam a dry garment, ensure you set your machine to a low temperature. For home-ironing:

  • - Ensure your garment is slightly damp.
  • - Turn your garment inside out to maintain the external pattern.
  • - Use a low-temperature setting and keep the iron moving across the material at all times.
  • - Hang the garment or lay it flat to cool to reduce the risk of additional wrinkles.

How should I store my silk Sika'a garment?

  • - Hang your silk garments on padded hangers.
  • - Store all silk clothing in a dry, dark place to prevent discolouring.
  • - When storing long-term, avoid air-tight boxes as silk needs to breathe.
  • - If you are looking at long-term storage, remember that moths are drawn to natural materials such as silk. Ensure your Sika'a item is washed and dried fully before storing away to prevent this damage.