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Take a deep breath, close your eyes and imagine your feet sinking slowly into soft, cooling sands. The golden sun warms your back and sparkling azure waves lap close by. The sound of tropical birds and the sea are all you can hear as you walk in peace along the beautiful shoreline. Life is for living to the fullest and, in our view, enjoying as much as possible. The unmistakable colours and energy of African fashion eternally echoes the beauty of a country steeped in glorious sunshine, breath-taking scenery and beautiful textiles. Each and every one of our carefully crafted garments has its origins in the inimitable fashion of African tradition. Our style is rooted in the vibrant patterns, colours and energies that are unique to the continent. Take a moment to reflect and enjoy the beauty of the world’ most vibrant continent. In this section, you’ll discover the unique, immersive power of African fashion, and explore our most authentic collection of African dresses, African skirts, plus sizes and more.

Travel Africa Collection