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From incredible maxi skirts with ruffles, pleats and flounce extensions – through to simple but stylish pencil skirts, the Sika’a collection features an astonishingly beautiful array of African skirts with a range of daring cuts and sophisticated silhouettes. What truly sets this collection apart though, is that all of our carefully tailored skirts feature some of the most special African print designs – everything from jewel-bright botanical prints, to vibrant neon geometric designs and intricate African-inspired artwork in warm, earthy tones. Just as important as our stunning designs is the fact we choose the highest quality materials to ensure comfort, sustainability and luxury too. Amongst our collection, you can find maxi, midi and mini skirts in a range of gorgeous materials from delicate silks to traditional super wax cotton. 
You can find matching or complimentary prints from amongst our extensive collection of tops and blouses, to create a refined and cohesive look.

African print skirts


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African Print Skirts

Our collection includes a wide range of different African skirt styles, with something to suit every occasion. From bold and beautiful African print pencil skirts that pair perfectly with one of our peplum tops or blouses, to vibrant African print maxi skirts that really make an impact at formal events. At Sika’a, we’re all about giving a nod to tradition but designing fashion-forward African skirt styles for a truly modern look. Choose an African print midi skirt with an eye-catching floral design or opt for a draping wrap skirt or cute African print mini skirt for the perfect party outfit.

Taking our inspiration from the stunning African landscape, flora and fauna, our designs are crafted from high-quality fabrics with comfort, sustainability and luxury in mind. Our African print skirts offer a stylish way to celebrate and challenge the norm when it comes to African fashion. Why not browse our African clothing sale collection too to find the perfect pieces to complement your outfit? Shop our collection today or our other collections including African print maxi skirts, African mini skirts, African print pencil skirts and African print midi skirts.