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July 29, 2021 5 min read

Beautiful South African wines for you to try

South Africa’s warm temperate climate makes for ideal growing conditions for several grapes including Chenin Blanc, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. When grown in the Southern Hemisphere these take on more complex fruity driven flavours that have earned South African wines praise from connoisseur’s and consumers alike.

But one of the most refreshing things about the South African wine industry is that new and smaller wine producers are given the chance to shine along with more established brands. So in this blog, we are going to review 12 of the best examples of South Africa fine wines available to buy in UK supermarkets and online.

South African red wine


By Ntsiki Biyelam, the entrapuner behind the first Black Woman - owned Winery in South Africa. Offers a beautiful range of Red and White blends. From an interesting background of never drinking wine to studying the art at Stellenbosch University. Despite challenges, Biyela changed peoples percetions of what a South African Winemaker looks like. 

Boschkloof Wines Merlot – Naked Wines

Produced by a small family-owned vineyard in Central Stellenbosch, this complex deep red Merlot is enthused with rich wild berry flavours that linger long on the palate. The wine has a velvety finish which makes it the perfect wine to quaff with friends over dinner.

This is a delicious smooth fruity wine that goes well with BBQ chicken and grilled veggies. Also perfect to try with pork or veal roasts, and even hamburgers. In fact, this delicious South African red is the perfect summer BBQ wine. Buy now from the Boschkloof website.

StellenRust Cinsault – Waitrose

This wonderfully vibrant wine comes from one of the best red wine estates in the Stellenbosch region. The wine has a light and fruity flavour with a hint of raspberries, cherries and currants running through it.

Cinsault grapes are light in acidity which makes this an easy wine to drink. As a result, this is a great lunch wine that goes well with chicken salad, smoked salmon, Morrocan lamb, and grilled vegetables. Buy now from Waitrose.

Zalze Shiraz Mourvedre Viognier – Waitrose

This delightfully spicy wine from the Western Cape is aged in French oak barrels which helps to enthuse it with rich blackberry and cherry flavours. The wine is full-bodied and full of character so it should suit seasoned wine drinkers well.

The rich flavours go well with gamey meat, so try pairing it with roasted venison and vegetables for the ultimate pub lunch. The rich fruitiness also makes it suitable for roast lamb cutlets and baby veggies. Buy now at Waitrose.

The Best Pinotage – Morrisons

This is South Africa’s answer to the smooth Pinot Noir wines from France. The wine takes on a more fruity flavour than most Pinotage wines and is much better for it. This is a delicious and decadent wine that belies its relatively modest price.

The deep blackcurrant and plum flavours go well with rich red meats such as venison and rack of lamb. It also compliments heavier cuts of roast beef, such as the flank or skirt. Buy now from Morrisons.

The Graduate Syrah Martin Meinert – Great Wines Direct

This wonderfully flavoursome Syrah originates from the Western Cape region where the sea breeze helps to enthuse the grapes with rich and fruity blueberry, blackberry and plum flavours. These integrate well with the slightly peppery fragrance that all Syrah-based wines possess.

The rich earthy flavours go well with hearty meat dishes such as roast leg of lamb, duck and ?venison carpaccio. This wine can also be paired with aged hard cheeses, such as Gouda and Asiago. Buy now from Great Wines Direct.

Kendal Lodge Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon – Marks & Spencer

A hearty full-bodied South African red from a well-respected winery in False Bay. The wine itself is expertly blended before being aged in French oak barrels to bring out the rich and fruity flavours. 

This wine complements most red meats such as lamb kebabs and beef fillets, but is also a great summer BBQ wine and goes down well with grilled steak, chicken, roast pork and grilled veggies too. Buy now from Marks & Spencer.



South African white wine

Cartology Alheit Vineyards – Waitrose

This distinctive wine is a blend of grapes from the southern Cape region including Sémillon, and Chenin Blanc. This enthuses the wine with an extraordinarily fresh and zesty flavour with hints of kumquat, citrus and honey all present.

The sweet nature of the wine means it goes well with South East Asian cuisines such as grilled pork, lamb and chicken. It is also complimentary with Turkey, so it's a great table wine for Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations. Buy now from Waitrose.

Allée Bleue Chenin Blanc – Vivino

This easy to drink Chenin Blanc has a light zesty flavour that is refreshing on the palette. Grown in the Western Cape this region is famous for producing uncomplicated wines with fruity flavours. This particular variety has hints of tropical peach and apricot.

The light texture and fruity flavours of the wine make it the perfect accompaniment for shellfish. Pair with grilled langoustine, seared scallops or honey-garlic shrimp, or spice things up a bit with a spicy curry-like Jalfrezi. Buy now from Vivino.



Grenache Blanc – Waitrose

This light white wine comes from the Voor-Paardeberg region, which has a long history of experimenting with unusual grape varieties. This particular wine is a blend of Grenache Blanc, Marsanne & Roussanne grapes.

This produces a wine with an incredibly complex flavour and nose. You’ll experience hints of peach, herbs and fresh flowers, all of which are symptomatic of the Roussanne Valley where this wine originates from. Buy now from Waitrose.

Wild Horseshoe Sauvignon Blanc – Port2Port

This bold and fruity wine comes from the Diemersdal region, one of the Capes oldest and best white wine areas. Grapes grown here are subject to cooling mists that roll over the vineyards every afternoon, helping to enthuse them with rich and zesty flavours.

This particular wine has a bold citrusy flavour enthused with hints of tropical fruit and quince. This makes a great compliment for all types of seafood along with grilled chicken, pork and veal. Buy now from Port2Port.

Babylonstoren Farm Limited Edition Chardonnay – Novel Wines

This classy white wine originates from the slopes of the Simonsberg Mountain. This enthuses the wine with a unique set of subtle flavours which are difficult to replicate. The wine has definite mineral undertones which help to offset the bold zesty body.

This is a dry white wine that is particularly suitable for shellfish, chicken and pasta dishes. The dry nature also ensures it pairs well with veal and mushroom dishes. You could also try this as an after dinner wine served with semi-soft cheese and biscuits. Buy now from Novel Wines.

Heidelberg Cellars Sauvignon Blanc – Marks & Spencer

Looking for a lively young white with refreshing fruity flavours? Then this delightful Sauvignon Blanc from Heidelberg could be just what you’re looking for. The wine has an intense fruity character that is neither too sharp nor too sweet.

This makes it the ideal accompaniment for delicate shellfish such as oysters, scallops and langoustine. This wine is also delicious when served with a semi-aged goats cheese such as Bucheron. Buy now from Marks & Spencer.


Final thoughts

The world of wine is changing rapidly, with South African wineries leading the way in terms of creating a range of exciting wines that blend unusual grape varieties with traditional winemaking processes.

At Sika’a, we are more than a fashion label. We are passionate about showcasing world-beating African products no matter where they are. Here we have highlighted some of the best South African wines, but this only scratches the surface of what this beautiful continent has to offer.

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