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March 10, 2021 2 min read

Africa’s contribution to fashion reflects its vibrant and colourful heritage. Dressing is a way in which the richly diverse continent communicates with the world. Differing African outfit styles all have one thing in common: they are a form of expression and diversity.

Opulent designs and colours are emblematic characteristics of African fashion - known for being anything but boring. Historically, prints have always been the focus. These are rooted in tradition, harnessing original, native techniques in their curation, using local artisans.

"African fashion is unique because I am telling the African narrative from the African perspective. There will always be an African story to tell behind/in each collection.”

John Tchoudi, Sika'a Founder.

Sikaa Flora Cropped Trousers

Sika'a Flora Cropped Trousers

African prints reflect African culture and, unlike may western fashion, traditional African outfits for women draw inspiration from their surroundings. Patterns tell tales and traditional proverbs. Each line and colour represents a different piece of the puzzle, which all comes together to form a unique story.

A perfect example of this can be seen with a key piece from our new collection: The Village Molokai Print Dress.

Tatue Playsuit

Sika'a Tatue Playsuit 

Another distinction unique to African fashion is the approach taken to crafting each piece. Working with artisans from African villages enables local people to have jobs. It also ensures that each garment is handcrafted with love, care and expert craftsmanship. More often than not, socially sustainable practices and eco-friendly materials are utilised. These give back to the community whilst prioritising the health and wellbeing of their workers.

Maramma Silk Blouse

Maramma Silk Blouse 

Modern African outfits embody African heritage. They also give women a means to express themselves beyond just wearing clothes. Women wear African patterns with pride. Each garment is a bold statement that allows the wearer to feel her confident, best self.

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