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January 24, 2019 4 min read

Colour. The heart and soul of African fashion. As rich and vibrant as the culture itself, African fashion is world-renowned for its celebration of strong colours. From the country itself through to the clothing that emerges from it, colour is the universal language. At Sika’a, we celebrate colour in its richest forms. From the initial fabric sourcing, our buyers are on the look out for patterns that stir something inside of us. For colours that bring back fond memories. And, for design inspirations that conjure up the image of our muse – the strong African woman.

Introducing colour into any wardrobe needn’t be daunting. Everyone, from those who adorn themselves with staple navy and greys through to those that embrace vibrant pigments has a colour that works for them. Through African print dresses, skirts and blouses, you can discover a new world of everyday dressing where colour leads the way and allows you to express your own individuality. Colours mean something in African culture and, when styled with other timeless garments, will create something wonderfully unique within your wardrobe.


The universal sign of luxury and opulence. Gold is a colour that speaks to every woman. Whether that be through the accessories you wear or the shoes that slip on your feet, these metallic accents have a powerful place within your wardrobe. African prints are no exception to this rule. Circles and triangles of gold form geometric patterns that sit elegantly against the skin , like those from our Halterneck WaxWax Jumpsuit. Swirling patterns seem plucked from the head dresses and garments of royalty, such as those found on the Bangou bustier. on the Although rich and bold, gold styles effortlessly into your wardrobe. Pick out the shimmering accents with gold accessories and metal ware on hand bags and clutches. Pair outfits with gold heeled sandals or towering gold stilettos. And consider gold hair accessories to truly finish off a breath-taking look.


The colour of the ocean. You’ll find varying shades of blue throughout many Sika’a garments. The structured bodice both the Bangou and the Bamena draped bustier top plays host to a base of aquatic blue. Flattering against the skin, it is easy to style using the items you already have in your wardrobe. Different blue hues sit well together so consider pairing brighter tones with deep navies for a formal look. Where blue patterns are the secondary focus, use blue accessories such as a structured handbag or pointed Mary Jane heels. The Okola asymmetrical African print off-the-shoulder dress is an elegant example of blues celebrated to their true potential. Consider wearing this with floral printed heels to truly embrace to charming nature of pattern for special events.


As if plucked from the sky, yellow of the colour of the sun. The giver of life and that which brings such joy to everyday life. Yellow is a signature and statement colour in African fashion. Not only is it bold but it is also a celebration of rich, vibrant youth. Like the base colour that entirely adorns our Mabote midi-length skirt, it has a charming versatility that can be styled to suit your look. Pick equally opulent colours, such as emerald greens or royal blues worked into floaty, silk shirts. Alternatively, and for a more casual look, plain white or black t-shirts work equally as well. Chunky wedge heels offer added height and comfort for an all-day Summer look. Or, skyscraper heels transform this elegant piece into one perfectly suited to an evening soiree.


Rich, opulent and luxurious. Red is a staple feature in African patterns and a colour that finds its way into your wardrobe easily. The beauty is that this colour can be worn in all different forms – from floating maxi skirts through to elegant evening gowns. The Kinte with Front Pleat Detail African Print Maxi Skirt is one such garment. The deep red base contrasts well with accents of blue and yellow, creating an opulent pattern that stands on its own. Pair with loose-fitting white blouses for a feminine style or, once again, a plain red or yellow t-shirt is the perfect casual accompaniment. Equally, the muted red tones found in our Vele Bloom silk shirt allows you to transcend through the seasons while still embracing one of our favourite.


Inspired by the ground that surrounds us, brown is a versatile colour and one that finds its place effortlessly within African print. For the boldest of dressers, go head-to-toe and choose a deep neutral that can be styled up or down. The Essianh African Print Crepe de Chine Long Sleeved Midi Dress is a striking example. The complex pattern embraces varying shade of brown, paired with deep plumbs, opulent golds and stark whites. Cutting an elegant figure, it can be worn in all manner of settings, from the office through to important events. Pair with golden accessories such as statement drop earrings or stacked bracelets. Metallic toned heeled sandals add another dash of glamour and add a seductive, feminine edge to this full-coverage dress.

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