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July 14, 2019 3 min read

Sika'a - Ethical fashion initiative


In the past 10 years, fast fashion has seen both a dramatic incline and striking fall.  We fell into a world where a new outfit was essential for every social event. But recent media coverage, including the documentary ‘Fashion’s Dirty Secrets’ by Stacey Dooley, have brought the issue of sustainable fashion to the forefront of our minds. Consumers are beginning to understand the impact their fashion choices have on the environment, resulting in a shift in consumer behaviour. Sustainability and investment pieces are now king.

African fashion is no different when it comes to the sustainability movement and is playing it's part in meeting their customer's needs. Here are Sikaa, we are committed to sustainability and endeavor to be a a key influencer in the new wave of sustainable fashion.

Sustainability - A pillar of Sika’a design

Putting style aside for one moment, the building blocks of our Sika’a brand are nested in a respect for the planet. In line with rejecting fast trends, the goal is always to invest - in both people and operations. Alongside our fellow African designers, we align ourselves with local craftsmen and provide relevant training, allowing those within our ancestral communities to elevate their skills. Talents born and passed down through generations are kept alive and nurtured. By standing alongside those in smaller communities, we ensure an influx of activity benefits those who need it the most.

Created by Africa

Sika’a X Colours SS19 signifies the continual growth of our brand towards a sustainable goal. Our latest range consists of uniquely constructed African blazers with tailored lapels and striking prints. African silk dresses not only glide down the female form but utilise responsibly sourced fabrics and traditional techniques. The collection also recognises the need for timeless but trend-appropriate adjustments to classic silhouettes achieved with several items including African print tops and blouses. Wide leg African print trousers take a step away from the ever popular skinny style and offer new opportunities to style.

Sika’a X Colours SS19 Showcase

Born directly from our dedication to sustainability comes our latest collection, the Sika’a X Colours SS19. A showcase of the craftsmanship and culture. We design for longevity, using high-quality materials to minimise the need for replacements. All silhouettes are classic and designed to flatter every figure while immersive prints take you back to this exotic continent.

Our Lais African shorts pick up the muted rays of sunlight that billow down, paired with sharp injections of foliage green. The Malika Gown is an African print shirt dress submerged in midnight blue and detailed with glowing circular details. Office wear takes on a new dimension with the Sika’a Savannah African print blazer; bold in colour and highly structured to frame the figure. For a truly elegant look, we created our own African print prom dress in the form of the Sika’a Signature Silk-Satin Halterneck Gown. From every angle, our latest collection aligns both with an eco-friendly fashion industry and the strive to celebrate Africa in its purest sense.

Sika’a X Colours is our submission towards the sustainable fashion movement. It is our way of demonstrating how African fashion and environmentally friendly processes can work hand-in-hand. The collection boasts items for all occasions, from African print dresses and African print pencil skirts to African print jumpsuits. In a world that continues to move towards the ‘greener’ approach, we design for strong women who recognise and celebrate everything that makes our planet exquisite.

Whether you are looking for African print blouses or a show stopper in an African print wedding dress, our collection caters to all. Our customers can now look good and feel good, knowing our commitment to sustainability that goes into every garment we make.

Discover the entire Sika’a X Colours collection online at For more information on our Sustainability promise, view our Commitmentonline today or get in touch for more information.


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