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November 30, 2021 3 min read

Introducing Femme d'Afrique 

At Sika’a we are delighted to launch the Femme d’Afrique Collection, a contemporary compilation of refined and resplendent pieces that make the perfect addition to any wardrobe. The Sika’a brand was born from a desire to bring elegant and high-end African fashion into the spotlight – and this is perfectly reflected in the feminine dresses, stunning skirts, tasteful tops and striking coats that form the Femme d’Afrique Collection.

Sika’a celebrates the most beautiful patterns and colours, with traditional prints as vibrant and full of life as the African landscape. Our clothes have always sought to encapsulate style and sophistication, but the new collection seeks to bring something more to the table.

As John Tchoudi, Founder of Sika’a explained, “The collection Femme d’Afrique is very much inspired by the balance between modern elegance and wearability, paying homage to my country’s natural landscapes … the pieces are unique and special, yet functional and practical at the same time.”

As with every piece from Sika’a – you’ll find careful tailoring, exquisite detailing and ethically produced pieces that have been inspired by African culture and nature. Each garment has been intricately designed to create flattering silhouettes, to make sure that every woman who chooses a Sika’a design feels beautiful and comfortable. Above all else, the collection strives to present tasteful, elegant pieces that are made to fit the curves and shapes of every woman. The designs have been consistently inspired by the women around us, to provide luxury clothing that is as practical as it is beautiful. We are proud to have created this fresh new collection that does exactly that.

However, producing a new range during a global pandemic has not been without its challenges. We source the most beautiful and authentic fabrics from trusted suppliers with high ethical standards. Responsibility has always been central to our brand values – something that makes the Sika’a brand what it is today. We provide ethical fashion by paying fairly and treating our employees with compassion and have continued to do so through these challenging times.

As a brand, we never want to compromise these high ethical standards – and sticking to these principles throughout the pandemic meant we suffered delays and challenges to the supply chain whilst our trusted suppliers got back on their feet. This makes every piece in this new collection feel all the more special to us.

Hero pieces from the Femme d’Afrique collection

One uniting theme across all the hero pieces in the Femme d’Afrique collection is the celebration of feminine silhouettes in bold prints. The clothes feature both traditional styles and contemporary elements, with adventurous patterns and radiant colours.

A perfect example of this is the stunning Farah cotton midi dress, which features one of our most powerful prints to date. The design has a lush green background emblazoned with a vibrant geometric pattern in shades of black and flaxen. The modern square neckline contrasts playfully with the layered, ruffled cap sleeves and flowing skirt. Perfect for day or evening wear, this versatile piece epitomises everything the collection stands for. For many of the pieces in the collection, the rich colour palette has drawn from nature and emphasises lively flora and fauna shades. This is certainly true for the gorgeous Rakiatou maxi dress with a symmetric tangerine and teal pattern on a deep, earthy brown silk background.

The delicate silk twill produces a beautiful, soft silhouette – finished with feature pearl buttons and a tailored high neckline that make this an elegant statement piece that is also infinitely wearable. An equally vibrant print features on the mesmerizing Upendo, a classic maxi dress with flowing lines and puffed peasant sleeves. The striking tri-blade blush pink pattern stands out beautifully on the pear green accented background.

 You’ll also spot a particular emphasis on outstanding, sharp tailoring across the whole collection. This is exemplified by key pieces like the powerful Malkia dress with its extraordinary cape sleeves – and the stylish Serita sleeveless dress which features a flared, panelled midi skirt and smart high collar in chartreuse and black.

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