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October 17, 2021 5 min read

As we draw into autumn, the days get shorter, the nights colder. And we turn to our screens for comfort, from splashy, modern films to thought-provoking documentaries. But a cosy night-in doesn’t mean you can’t revel in fashion from all over the globe. Some of our favourite picks may not seem like fashion icons – but look a little closer, and you’ll find style, personality and excitement in each that are still influencing contemporary fashion.


True Cost

Fast fashion is everywhere. One minute, it’s on a Paris catwalk – the next, on the British high street. ‘True Cost’ examines not just the dangers of disposable fashion on our planet, but also the true human cost in making so many clothes in such a short amount of time. A harrowing documentary, it peels back the curtain and asks who is really paying for the clothing we buy?


The Next Black

If you’re looking for a reminder of the good work being done – look no further than ‘The Next Black’, which aims to shine a light on the companies reshaping what and how we wear clothes. Showing the innovation of new fashion brands that focus on sustainability, this documentary looks to the future – showing what environmentally conscious clothing could one day be.

River Blue

Focusing on the environmental damage textile manufacture has, ‘River Blue’ reveals how fashion is polluting our water, destroying our environment – and how we can change to welcome a more sustainable future in fashion. Narrated by Jason Priestley (‘90210’), the documentary hopes to enact significant change in the industry for a better future.

The Machinists

Have you ever wondered about the lives of the people who make your clothes? Directors Hannan Majid and Richard York follow three workers and a union boss who make garments in Bangladesh for high street brands like H&M and Zara. Humanising those who are often left faceless by the media, it aims to encourage shoppers to buy their clothes consciously.


Dior and I

Get an unfiltered look at one of the world’s most exclusive fashion houses, under its new creative director Raf Simons. Go behind-the-scenes to see the creation of Simons’ first collection and the inner workings of the French powerhouse as it blends the new and contemporary with the deep history that made Dior so iconic in the first place. 

The September Issue

The trademark bob, the sunglasses – Anna Wintour rules American fashion. Now, the curtain is pulled back on American Vogue, with its influential editor in chief revealing the drama, the fights and the work that went into creating Vogue’s 840-page September 2007 issue.

The First Monday in May

If you were entranced by this year’s Met Gala, ‘The First Monday in May’ will take you back to the 2015 gala and The Mets exhibit, “China: Through the Looking Glass’. Go behind the scenes and explore just what goes into creating this exclusive event – which remains one of the most coveted tickets in the world for celebrities and designers alike.

The Boy Who Made Shoes for Lizards

Carrie wouldn’t have her trademark pumps without ‘The Boy Who Made Shoes’, otherwise known as Manolo Blahnik. Following the story of the designer himself, close friend and director Michael Roberts opens the designer’s unique world, crossing a forty-year career that has cemented Blahnik as a pioneer in the shoe industry.

Fashion Films 

The Devil Wears Prada

The most infamous of fashionable films, Meryl Streep’s Miranda Priestley (said to be based on Anna Wintour herself) brings a steely poise to this romantic comedy. Anne Hathaway leads as a clueless writer who finds herself with a coveted internship at Runway, competing with the sharp (and hilarious) Emily Blunt. You’ll be quoting the film’s iconic lines for days. And as Miranda would say – that’s all.


Legally Blonde

Welcome back mid-2000s chic – Elle Woods is here to motivate you. Following a young woman who goes to Harvard Law – what, like it’s hard? - to spite her ex and ends up discovering herself in the process, this heart-warming movie is packed with style and sass. Plus, it’ll teach you plenty too – from proper hair care to the famous ‘bend and snap’.


Documenting the eclectic life of icon Iris Apfel, from her work as an interior designer at the White House to her 2005 collection at the Met Gala, this behind-the-scenes documentary takes on a legend. Now 100 years old, Apfel is one of the most influential figures in fashion and routinely noted as one of the best-dressed people in the world.


Confessions of a Shopaholic

Becky Bloom is all of us. Stop by a shop window, see something beautiful…a girl’s got to have it! Based on the novels by Sophie Kinsella, it follows shopping addict Becky who gets a job at a financial magazine – hoping it will lead to a better job at a high-power fashion magazine - and whose clothing columns become an overnight sensation. Plus, it helps that her boss Luke is particularly handsome too…

The Dress Maker

Kate Winslet leads this darkly funny Australian revenge-comedy about a dressmaker in the 1950s who returns to her small hometown and finds herself embroiled in past secrets. Packed with gorgeous fashions from the couturier herself – don’t miss the ‘distracting’ red gown Winslet’s character goes to a football game in – you’ll find yourself pulled into small-town secrets enough to never want the film to end.

Not you 'typical' fashion films

The Queens Gambit

Chess might not be your thing, but Anya Taylor-Joy’s turn as prodigy Beth Harmon captured us in lockdown. Now award-winning, fashion plays an important part in the series, with little easter eggs dotted throughout – from the famous white hat and coat to Beth’s sharp bob haircut. It’s as visually satisfying as it is captivating to watch.

Killing Eve

Assassins, murder and…fashion? Killing Eve has it all. Everyone and their mother adores this series, so if you haven’t gotten into it – consider this your invitation. The outfits in this splashy thriller bring haute couture to the business of killing, from that infamous pink Molly Goddard dress to sateen bomber jackets, pyjama shirts and more. The life of an assassin is seemingly more fashionable than we could have guessed.


The Great Gatsby

Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of Fitzgerald’s novel drips with all the colour, light and excess of the 1920s. No detail is too small for this indulgence of film, showcasing fashion from across the decade – from flappers to femme fatale vampish dress. Look especially at Carey Mulligan as the waifish Daisy in all her crystals, or the no-nonsense Jordan Baker (played by Elizabeth Debicki) in her sleek, elegant pieces that scream 20s glamour.

Oceans 8

An intricate heist during the middle of the Met Gala to steal a $150 million Cartier necklace? Ocean’s 8 brings glamour and style to this all-female action flick. Starring some of entertainment’s most fashionable women – Sandra Bullock, Rhianna, Anne Hathaway and Cate Blanchett – you’ll also see cameos from fashion royalty Anna Wintour, Alexander Wang and Zac Posen.


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