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April 16, 2021 2 min read

At Sika’a, we're excited to announce the launch of the Christine Collection – fresh for Spring/Summer 2021, with plenty of new and innovative designs and some of our favourite pieces to date. But as the fashion-forward know, every collection tells a story. So what is the inspiration behind this one? As John Tchoudi, Founder of Sika’a explained, “The new collection seeks to celebrate freedom and a collective moment of togetherness… after more than a year living with restrictions due to the pandemic, it embodies optimism and happiness.”

What does freedom mean to you? For us, it means the freedom of self-expression… for passionate people to be able to show their whole, true self through their fashion choices. We pride ourselves on bringing you incredible clothes that epitomise African culture – full of colour, intricate detail, and beautiful prints that celebrate the very best African designs.

We have worked with bold patterns and colours, and the most opulent materials, to create elaborate outfits that celebrate African style by using incredible African fabrics. It’s about more than luxury fashion though, it’s about truly remarkable pieces of clothing that embody everything that African design stands for. This includes using the finest African textiles to create sustainable fashion choices.


One of the key themes underlying all of the hero pieces in the Christine Collection is the rich and varied colour palettes used in these African print dresses. One of the best examples of this is the copper and earthy green tones in the Lune Maxi dress which features the archetypical African print, ‘Village Molokai’. The pretty pattern depicts a Congolese village and is one of the classic African art prints favoured by high-end African designers. This vivid and impactful print makes a fearless look for those not afraid to express themselves. At the other end of the spectrum, you’ll also find subtle summer looks including a delicate pattern in lemon yellow and powder blue on the rich silk satin fabric of the Lulu Midi Dress.

Masiki Maxi Cape DressMasiki dress

Vintage Midi Cape DressCape Dress

Lune Maxi Dress

Lune Maxi Dress

Poula Trench Dress

Poula Trench Dress

Lulu Midi Dress

Lulu midi dress

Alizeti Maxi Dress

Alizeti Maxi Dress

As well as the powerful prints, you’ll find gorgeously cut dresses in unusual silhouettes that help you celebrate your freedom of self-expression. Whether that’s the powerfully feminine maxi skirts and dresses, with layer upon layer of delicate ruffle detailing making up voluminous skirts – or the stunning cape dresses which cut a formidable figure on the catwalk or in the boardroom - there is something to suit every style. The stunning Masiki Maxi Cape Dress and Vinyago Midi Cape Dress are some of our most imposing designs yet, in a powerful dark palette with delicate silver detailing. The fabric design is known as “Abobo To Lé Gomè”, which literally translates as ‘the snail out of its shell’ and celebrates the Abobozan festival, a traditional Togolese festival. We think it perfectly sums up the freedom and celebration that underlines all the pieces in this collection.

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