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August 31, 2021 6 min read

When you're choosing which clothing items will flatter your figure, it's important to remember that everyone's body is different, so an outfit that flatters someone else might not look the same on you, and vice versa.

For example, if you have a pear-shaped body, opt for pieces that accentuate your waist while being loose-fitting at your hips. If you have more of a rectangular-shaped figure, try some A-line skirts or dresses with a long hemline and a fitted top. If you'd like to cover up a little more, a free-flowing maxi dress will look flattering on any body shape. At Sika'a, we have a wide range of high-quality clothing to suit your personal style and body shape, so what are you waiting for? 

Sikaa celebrates women of every size with a brilliant collection of clothes. We celebrate the heart and spirit of African style and partner with amazing designers to create beautiful and comfortable clothes. At our shop, you can find everything you need to suit your shape: from a pretty and feminine floral print gown to formal wide-leg trousers. Our clothes are also made from sustainable, ethically sourced fabrics. But the best part? Our designer clothes are affordable, so everyone can access the best African fashion. African prints stand out thanks to their bright colours and playful patterns, and our selection is a perfect example of how classic and contemporary styles can merge to create stunning clothing items. In this article, we help you mix and match to find the perfect pieces that complement your body shape perfectly, and allow you to feel comfortable no matter the event.

Discussing the Christine silk gown with Sekinat

Sekinat is tall and describes herself as “a very shapely lady”. She likes free-flowing dresses and long skirts and doesn’t like tight-fitting clothes. If you're on the tall side and prefer free-flowing fabrics and clothes that hug your figure without feeling tight, you may also enjoy Sika’s Paisley floral print gown. As Sekinat puts it: “I go for maxi dresses cause you can’t go wrong.” And we agree with her! While Sekinat feels her body type is easy to style, but she still prefers free-flowing fabrics and does not like fitted clothes, so if your body style resembles hers, you will be able to find a great selection of skirts and dresses at our shop. Each of our African maxi dresses comes in a wide range of sizes, prints and colours, so check out our vast selection to find the one that's perfect for you!  

Wide legs and fitted  tops: The Bisi silk blouse and Ayoola wide-leg silk trousers 

Amma’s body shape is rectangular but appears more round when she gains weight. She describes her style as chic and classic and likes clothes that are slimming and stylish. When she’s shopping, she looks for skirts and tapered pants with “blouses that are loose and flowy” as well as maxi dresses with bodices that are loose around the stomach.

Debbie, on the other hand, is slim, but she has curvy hips. She loves classic fitted styles and loose, floating garments with a classy look. As she puts it, “when I go out, I like to be different and stand out!” For inspiration, she follows Instagram accounts and when she shops, she looks for online stores that sell signature pieces, mixing them up with high-street brands to keep it real. She believes that “good quality always fits well and is true to size.” Both Amma and Debbie love our Bisi silk blouse when paired with the Ayoola wide-leg silk trousers. A chic and stylish ensemble, these pieces are perfect for women who want to highlight their curves without losing comfort. Celebrate who you are and stand out from the crowd by choosing unique pieces that also make you feel beautiful.

The versatile Tatue Playsuit

Akua and Tyra enjoyed wearing Sikaa’s Tatue playsuit because of its versatility, African print design and comfortable shape with lively colours. Akua describes her body type as tall with long legs, a narrow waist and a round bottom. Her style is a mix of Scandinavian cuts and colourful patterns and, at the moment, is expanding her wardrobe exclusively with designers of African origin. She rarely focuses on trends but rather on what flatters her figure. In her own words, “I like to wear my clothes half a size bigger, and prefer when the figure is not visible under the fabric but rather guessed at.”

Tyra has a small waist and bigger hips with a small upper body. She describes her shape as a “pear” and loves Sikaa because clothes are accurately sized. Her style is classic, but she says: "I seek out clothing that has vibrant colours. Fucsia is my go-to.

I have dark brown skin so though I love classic, structured clothing, I love finding vibrant colours to contrast my skin tone as well.” About Sikaa, she says, “I like discovering beans like Sikaa that aren’t commonly known, which give me the WOW! factor when I walk into a room.” 

A rectangular shape is the perfect canvas for floral prints, like those on the Makepe dress

Viera is tall with a “rectangular” shape. She describes her style as elegant with a modern twist. To shop for clothes, “It needs to catch my eye, whether it’s the beautiful patterns or strong features. If anything stands out for me, I will explore the collection further.”








To suit her shape, she goes for long hemlines, structured items, fitted on top with more volume on the bottom. She likes A-line 

skirts and dresses as well as wide pants that suit her shape well and clothes that accentuate her waist. This is why she enjoyed Sikaa’s Makepe dress so much, and so can you! A floral design gown is perfect for day and night, and within our collection, you can find glamourous evening gowns and classic-style African gowns. 

Be curvy and proud with our Reinassance Paisley print gown

Leigh is a curvy, “average-sized woman with a good-sized chest and a bit of a booty.” She describes her style as a bit conservative in terms of cut, but is drawn to colours and patterns (which is why she loves Sikaa). Leigh likes to push the envelope when she has events, and she wore the Reinassance Paisley gown for a wedding in New York. In her own words, “I was comfortable and glamorous at once!” She wears a lot of skirts and dresses and shops more online than in person. Leigh gets inspiration from social media and her style leans towards shabby-chic to bohemian trends.

Patty is short and curvy and describes her style as eclectic. She doesn’t like to wear common dresses but tries to find those that are different and stand out. She likes to shop for clothes that accentuate her shape and she likes longer sleeves because her arms are bigger than she likes.

This is why she found our Reinassance Paisley dress “perfect”. In her own words, she “purchases flowy and flattering dresses or nice tops with a puff sleeve or bow. I work from home so I don’t get to dress up much, so when I do, I like to be feminine and pretty.” This African dress is perfect for the day or night, and you can get yours online today! At Sika'a, we celebrate fashion and women, so the most important thing for us is to bring you clothes that make you feel beautiful. Our amazing designers understand different body shapes and styles and have put together gorgeous collections where you can find something for every taste. For the most glamourous African evening style, there's no better place than Sika'a. Our clothes offer a twist on classic looks with splashes of colour and patterns that make them a lot more exciting and unique.

Regardless of your shape, all women are beautiful and should be proud of what the world has gifted them. At Sika'a it is out aim to make every women feel as stunning as we believe they are which is why our wide range of pieces are tailored to fit a wide range of sizes and shapes. 

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