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May 29, 2019 3 min read

Sometimes it's just easier to reach for the neutral colours and wear your ‘safe’ outfit on a daily basis. Why not experiment with colour and see how you can transform your look? Add some depth to your wardrobe with a variety of shades to mix it up and diversify your wardrobe.

Here at Sika’a, we embrace colour and use traditional African fabric for inspiration. In African clothing, different colours hold different meanings. We will highlight these meanings as we take you through examples of our latest range.

We want to create collections that empower women and make them feel great. We believe working with different colours and patterns will achieve this. Colours can lift moods, improve confidence as well as allude to glamour and luxury.

Green, Red, and Yellow are some of the most popular colours in African print clothing. They have positive connotations of wealth, love and growth. They are strongly featured across our latest collection in the form of African dresses, blouses, blazers and more!

The latest collection from Sika’a offers something for everyone with elements of playfulness and sophistication. Inspired from traditional African fabrics, they are bold and beautiful and incorporate colours from across the spectrum.  We design clothing for all women, and do so by creating a collection with a multitude of colours and styles. All our fabrics are high quality that feel great against the skin so our customers enjoy wearing all our products.

Our printed red African Blazer is a great way to inject some life into your wardrobe. The design will be sure to turn heads for all the right reasons. The nature inspired pattern is a nod towards Africa’s wildlife featuring the stunning Kudu on the sleeve. This blazer illustrates that we are thankful for all that walks the African plains and celebrates their beauty.

Our Savannah African blazer in red is ideal for the office or workplace. But we’ve also created items for other occasions such as proms and weddings.

Our yellow a-line African print midi skirt is the perfect summer wedding guest outfit choice. Yellow celebrates beauty and as weddings are such beautiful days, what better colour to wear! This yellow skirt is versatile and a great wardrobe staple. It can be worn with a blouse for more formal occasions, or a T-shirt for a more casual look.

Here we have green African printed trousers that have a looser, relaxed fit, making them perfect for daytime wear. Traditional African styles are adorned with patterns and these trousers are no different. The circular designs are often found on African clothing and represent water.

Water is a significant element in African tradition and is often represented with circular shapes to signify wells. These trousers are a great way to celebrate African culture and inject colour to your outfit.

Our latest collection includes a selection of African dresses and African gowns that are elegant and luxurious. The use of yellow on the satin fabric creates an illusion of gold, which is a symbol of wealth and prosperity. The cut of the fabric creates an elegant silhouette, perfect for a special occasion.

In the past, we have helped several customers find their perfect bridal gown for the ultimate special occasion; their wedding day! Wedding gowns should be loved and memorable. We have a selection of wedding gowns that our customers can choose from to brighten up their wedding day.

We also have a selection of short prom dresses in a range of designs that have a great fit and flare. Prom dresses are meant to be fun and pretty and our collection of dresses does just that!

Why not be bold an experiment wearing multiple colours at once with one of our printed tops. This African blouse colour combination is a fabulous mixture of greens and blues.  This African blouse is structured to help suit all body shapes. It is a figure flatterer, accentuating all your best bits!

Not everyone will want to wear yellow or red and other bright shades all year round. That doesn’t mean you have to avoid colour altogether. Purple is another popular choice for several African fabrics and can be worn in many ways.

This African maxi dress is a deep purple shade that is perfect for the more reserved dresser. Purple symbolizes femininity and often used in African dresses. Circles are used here again to add depth to the dress and prevent the colour from overpowering the outfit. Floor length dresses are perfect to make an impression, but in this shade of purple, you won’t overpower a room.

Whatever the occasion, our latest range is here to cater for all. We enjoy helping our customers introduce colour into their wardrobes. Whether you’re looking for a prom dress, work outfit or weekend

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