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April 21, 2021 3 min read

As the seasons change and we move into warmer weather territory, there has never been a better time to indulge in more print. Unlike winter, where garments tend to take a more unassuming approach, summer owes itself too innovative, powerful dressing.

African outfits are, by nature an embodiment of these. They give the wearer confidence, allowing them to express themselves in ways other garments do not. Unlike the patterns and designs seen on other clothes, African print is born out of tradition, heritage and local stories. 

With the sometimes eccentric nature of African outfit styles, it is unsurprising that some people feel intimidated and unsure how to incorporate them into their wardrobe. Read on to see our African print outfit ideas and tips on how to style some of this season's key pieces. 


Start Simple  

Bisi Blouse  


If this is your first foray into the wonderful world of African prints, it can be daunting. Opting for something a bit less bold such as the beautiful Bisi Silk Blouse is a great way to leap prints without wearing something exceptionally bold and bright. Petals and floral motifs in soft yellows, nudes and electric blue sit against a cream lightweight crepe de chine silk. Pair with jeans or the coinciding Sika’a Ayoola Wide-Leg Silk Trousers for a more modern African print outfit.



 Kiburi Silk Scarf.


Completing your outfit with a brightly patterned accessory is one of the easiest ways to add vibrancy and introduce prints. Let this be in the form of a bag, shoes or a scarf, such as Sika’a’s Kiburi Silk Scarf. Wonderfully decadent, the silk twill scarf features Sika’a’s signature floral print in a range of tropical tones, including reds, oranges, yellows and greens. If you are feeling daring, do like we have and style it with some colour. Or play it safe and keep the scarf centre focus, styling it with white or black. 


Embrace the Clash

Iya Patchwork Wrap Skirt  


Traditional African prints embrace clashing colours and patterns. Case in point: Sika’a’s Iya Patchwork Wrap Skirt, a striking piece that combines several colours, textures and patterns. With more experimental African print skirt outfits such as this, it is best to wear simple shirts and tops in plain colours so as not to overpower everything. 


Do Blue

Zahrah Silk Wrap Top  


One of the easiest colours to work with is blue. Not too garish or bright, blue tones easily lend themselves to a large range of colours and subsequently can be worn with most things. Eletric blue designs on Sika’a's Zahrah lightweight Silk Wrap Top are aesthetically interspersed with notes of orange, yellow and green. The cropped cut is accentuated by bell selves and a wrap-around waist fastening that flatters the figure. One of the most versatile garments in the collection, pair it with everything from jeans to linen trousers or the matching Sika’a skirt.


Statement Skirts 

 Ollie Peplum hem midi skirt


Sika’a’s Ollie Peplum-Hem Midi is our skirt of choice for summer and easier than you might think to integrate into your wardrobe. Traditional African prints in stunning shades of yellow are set upon a uniquely flattering peplum shaped skirt with a pleated hemline. Despite the bright yellow tones, this skirt works well with other brights as it does darker tones. Play around with complementary colours, or stick to navy and white so that the skirt remains the focus. 



Dress To Impress

 Imani Tie Waist Shirt Dress


If the thought of introducing a printed piece with your wardrobe fills you with fear, a dress is a far easier alternative and takes little to no styling on your end. Sika’a’s Imani Tie-Waist Silk Shirt Dress is both distinctive and elegant. Setting itself apart from other pieces in the collection, it is notably less audacious. Expertly tailored using the highest quality silk allows the shirt dress to hang gracefully, while the addition of a waist tie defines the wearer's silhouette. Stones in an array of captivating colours sit against navy blue. Despite featuring many shades, the dress is not overly embellished, ideal for those wanting to branch into African prints more cautiously.


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