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August 04, 2017 4 min read

Each year we see a wide variety of new styles and trends hit the runway. From New York Fashion Week to Milan, London and Paris, global trends take over the fashion scene. With so many new trends each season it can be tricky to decide which are worth investing in, and which will suit your unique style and lifestyle.
At SIKA’A we make understanding this years biggest trends simple, reporting on the most versatile and stylish, taking the guess work out for you.
Read on to discover the top fashion trends to invest in for 2017, and find out how Africa is shaping the market this season…

African Inspired Prints
A trend that is of course close to our hearts, this season see’s a variety of prints that have been inspired by the traditional styles from Africa. Bold colours and eye-catching prints were spotted at various catwalk shows for 2017. While the remakes are good and show that Africa is still influential in fashion today, our styles focus on using custom-sourced African fabrics and are hand-woven and made to order, adding that extra authentic and special touch.
The African fashion market is ever growing, particularly due to social media and online publications. The world wide web can’t get enough of African trends, meaning they spread like wildfire upon release. For example, when Beyoncé wore a skirt and jacket by a South African brand, it sold out within days. African fashion is so likable and eye-catching, if you put it online it just sky rockets. More and more African fashion houses are launching, which proves that demand is high. In addition, African models are breaking barriers, stepping onto high end and mainstream catwalks and wowing the audience. In 2015 Maria Borges made history, when she stepped onto the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. This was the first time black natural hair would appear in the show’s 20 year run.

It is clear that ‘African’ is becoming more and more fashionable, in both beauty and fashion, and we are proud to be part of that.
At SIKA’A we are influenced traditional African styles and prints, but we add a contemporary twist to create garments that are stylish, designed for the 21st century woman, making our styles truly unique. Our garments are high end, enjoyable to wear and inspired by our travels and connections in Africa. We take pride in being part of the African market and love how it is thriving.We support local designers and print makers making Africa at the heart of everything we do.
Further trends for 2017 include... Rainbow Stripes and Bold Prints
One of the most standout looks of the 2017 spring/summer catwalks was bold stripes. You couldn’t miss the bright colours and eye catching prints, seen across various collections for the season ahead. Candy stripes and colour block prints were seen in reds, blues, pinks and turquoise, made to look bolder against stark white or deep black.
This look is all about being playful with your style this season, introducing bold colours and prints. We love our Kaylee Shorts to nail this look. The bold red on black print is perfect, yet the look is kept simple with the clean lines and crisp cut.

The runways were all about fusing fitness with fashion this season. The health and wellness industry is at an all time high this year, so it was only natural to combine the trend with the hottest looks of the season. Colour blocking, all-in-ones and sporty separates were all over the catwalks for 2017.
Try styling a pair of printed shorts with a colour block figure hugging bodysuit, or opt for a slim fitting all-in-one. Our SIKA’A Jumpsuit features a close fitting cut and a sporty neckline, try styling with flat strappy sandals and a simple backpack to nail the Athleisure trend.

50 Shades of Yellow

Bright, bold and not for the wall flower, yellow is big this season. Splattered across the catwalk through colour block, prints and accessories, a wide variety of shades of yellow made up some of the most stylish pieces this season. From brights and mustards to pastels, yellow is the key colour for 2017.
Opt for yellow all over for a bold look, or choose to incorporate this season’s colour through prints and accessories. Yellow can be tricky to pull off, and does suit those with darker skin better. If you have pale skin consider adding a touch of yellow to your look with accessories, or if you’re brave enough choose yellow prints or colour block yellow.

One of the standout prints in our latest collection ‘Travel Africa’ features the perfect balance of yellow. Inspired by our travels through Africa, the print features a yellow backdrop, enhanced by turquoises, greens and purples. Try our Elanga Tie Dress to get this trend spot on.

Artistically Inspired
Prints, colours and fabrics were inspired by art this season. From bold strokes, water colours, paterns and textures, if it hadn’t been seen painted by an artists hand, it wasn’t on the catwalk.
Les ‘pop art’ and more fine art, fabrics like silk, cotton and crepe were popular for this trend, all treated with colourful brush strokes and patterns. Get this trend right by opting to wear an ‘artist inspired’ silk dress, keeping the rest of your look simple. If watered down shades and prints aren’t your thing, checkout our Travel Africa collection, which features bolder prints and colours. We work with our own African artists, including designers and print makers, all of whom are inspired by the African heritage and culture. Get your fix of the ‘artistically inspired’ trend, in a unique way.
Trends come and go every season, but it’s important to understand and develop your own unique style, rather than being persuaded into buying into every trend that hits the market. Each year take the time to understand which trends will work for you, investing in statement pieces and wearable fashion, rather than fast fashion.
At SIKA’A we love creating garments that are stylish yet traditional, and that are designed to last a life time, rather than a season. Browse our African inspired styles now.

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