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July 12, 2021 4 min read

African food is rich in flavour and offers a wide variety of exotic options for any aspiring foodies. Traditional African food varies slightly from one region of the continent to another but there are many similarities between the dishes that you will find in different African countries and cultures. In this post, we will explore the vibrant beauty of African cuisine, where you can find some of the best African restaurants and how you can bring the tastes of the continent to your own dinner table.

The taste of Africa

Food is an intrinsic part of African culture. The diverse cuisine of the continent offers some of the world's most delicious dishes that can now be appreciated on a global scale. Some of the most popular foods include sweet potatoes, yams and cassava. There are many native fruits in Africa, such as melons, mangoes, coconuts and plantain. Pork, goat and chicken are also often used in African dishes. Many of the continent's traditions and traditional meals involve using a rich range of spices to give dishes a vibrant depth of flavour. Cayenne, chilli and ginger are commonly used in the best African dishes.

Where to eat in London

The best African restaurants in London offer contemporary African food that retains all the flavours and traditions of Africa's cuisine while providing a more modern twist. Some of the most popular are:

Zeret Kitchen - Located in Southeast London. Try dishes like Bozena shuro and Qwanta firfir for an African taste experience.

Blue Nile Cafe - Found in SE18. Enjoy popular dishes like Ga'at and Ful.

Pitanga - Located in west London. Sample the Nigerian stews and soups that are made using African traditions with a unique twist.

African restaurants in New York

New York also boasts an incredible selection of African eateries, including:

Bati Kitchen - A traditional Ethopian restaurant in Brooklyn.

Joloff Kitchen - A Brooklyn-based restaurant serving Senegalese food.

Berber Street Food - Situated in the heart of Manhattan's West Village, you can enjoy a range of specialities and African delicacies.

African recipes at home

For those of you who do not have the luxury of an African restaurant on your doorstep, it is reassuring to know that African dishes are easy to prepare at home. There are many delicious African recipes for you to try in your home kitchen. An excellent idea is to prepare an African food board. At Sika'a, we have created some inspirational food board ideas for you to try at home. These boards are filled with the delectable flavours of Africa and will give you an insight into the true essence of African cuisine. With recipe ideas from across Africa, you can enjoy a varied array of African treats if you try these recipes.

Delicious meat board ideas

Suya is an African-style Chicken dish that is rich and nutty with a delicious sauce that will make your tastebuds tingle. It is a staple of West African food and is the perfect addition to any African food board.


Beefempanada is a traditional African meat pie. The pastry is flaky and sweet and it contains a rich and sumptuous herby beef filling. One of the most popular street foods in Africa, Accra Cassava are a type of fritters that have a crunchy outer layer with chewy, succulent insides. For anyone who is looking to explore the wonders of South African food, vetkoek are a great place to start.


These little savoury cakes are filled with minced curry and surrounded by a crispy outer layer. Bhajias are a snack food that is most commonly enjoyed in East Africa. The dish was originally brought to African shores by Indian migrants and has become extremely popular in countries like Tanzania and Kenya. African egg rolls originate from Cameroon and Nigeria. They are very similar to Scotch eggs and have a rich flavour. They are an excellent addition to an African food board and are suitable for vegetarians.

Food boards for vegans

Akara are fritters made from black eyed peas. Crispy and spicy, they are a delicious vegan option that will impress your family or dinner guests. Healthy and easy to prepare, baked plantain chips are crispy and tasty. They are great as a snack or on a dinner board. Maakouda are North African potato fritters that are soft and tender on the inside with an outer crunch. They can either be eaten plain or even stuffed with some of your favourite fillings.

Popular in Middle-Eastern countries such as Israel, Lebanon and Egypt, Ta'meya are protein-rich chickpea fritters. They are often served with a tahini dip or hummus on the side. At Sika'a, we value African culture, cuisine and fashion. We're passionate about bringing African culture to the world, so you can enjoy all the facets of this amazingly diverse and beautiful continent. For more information and to explore our African fashion brands, please visit us at Sika'a.

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