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August 09, 2021 4 min read

After over a year of staying at home and taking care of our health, restrictions are slowly lifting. As more people get vaccinated, it’s becoming safer to go out, gather, and yes, party! But the truth is, after such a long time of working from home (and in our pyjamas or sweatpants!) some of us are finding it difficult to regain our sense of style. This is why we've covered some essential party pieces that will make you look perfect for that upcoming event or night out with friends. These party style ideas will help you create an amazing outfit, from beautiful clothing items to brilliant accessories.

Let’s talk about affordable sustainable fashion

The fashion industry contributes a lot to environmental issues, especially pollution and garbage production. As we become more and more aware of the effects of climate change, it's necessary to shift our spending habits to manufacturers who work responsibly. In this article, we feature fashion and accessories that come from affordable sustainable brands, who promote sustainable sourcing and ethical manufacturing. Buying from these brands not only guarantees that you’ll get beautiful, durable, and high-quality clothing items and accessories; it also means that you are promoting a culture in which workers are paid fair wages and work in suitable conditions, with healthy shifts and proper breaks. These brands are pioneers in shifting the fashion industry into the new millennium, by adhering to ethical practices that help us make the world a better place.

Formal party looks

If you are invited to a formal event, such as a wedding or cocktail party, you want to choose a party gown that represents your style while complying with the dress code. Here are some perfect combinations:

For a chic statement If you are looking for a perfect balance between elegance and style, Sikaa's beautiful midi cape dress with geometric patterns is the way to go. Complement your look with a pair of fuchsia sandals and chic oyster earrings and you've got yourself a brilliant and elegant outfit, perfect for a luncheon or midday event.

A bold and floral look

If you’re into girly vibes with floral touches, Sikaa's Eloise mini dress is perfection. No outfit is complete without the perfect bag and, for this mini, we recommend the simplicity and vibrance of a leather bag such as this. The brilliance of this outfit is that you can wear it day or night, for an outdoor or indoor event. Want to make it more exciting? Add a classy but fun hat, and a shiny emerald bracelet to complete the look.

Timeless classics

A structured midi dress is never out of style. Perfect for any kind of party or even dinner with friends, our Makene Poppies classy dress is a must-have. The sleek shape and elegant sleeves make it a great choice for a formal party. Pair it with a beautiful yellow alligator bag for an original twist, and add these gorgeous sunglasses for a vintage touch. Want to style your hair accordingly? Vintage style scrunchies are the way to go.

Casual elegance

If your party is not that formal, but you still want to look trendy and elegant, African fabrics are an excellent choice. With beautiful, playful patterns and vibrant colours, our selection of party event styling African Designers are renowned for is what you are looking for. Check out these amazing styles:

Fun geometric patterns and a splash of colour

Sikaa's Tatue Playsuit is a perfect example of what African clothes are all about. With a shape that perfectly contours the body, it’s a piece that embodies elegance and class. For a marvellous combination, pair it with a plain silk blouse or as a strapless piece by itself. If you opt for the strapless option, consider adding a playful necklace, and finish the outfit with a gorgeous pair of shoes.

Beautiful, airy and comfortable dresses

African fabrics are perfect for beautiful dresses. If you love comfort and want something that allows you to move around freely, our maxi dress is your best bet. Consider pairing it with a nice clutch bag in a neutral colour. Add the finishing touches to this perfect outfit by adding an elegant necklace. If, on the other hand, you’re going for a more discreet, but equally comfortable option, check out Sikaa's take on the midi dress. Think about combining it with the perfect pair of suede sandals, and you have an outfit ready for any day party. Finally, if you want to make a bold but classy statement, consider wearing our Zahrah brilliant silk wrap top in gorgeous tones of blue. This piece can be perfectly complemented by a simple but stylish pink bag. Try wearing it with a pair of clear sandals.

Want more than dresses? We’ve got you covered!

If you are more a “mix and match” kind of gal and are looking for some new pieces to add to your collection, why not consider party event styles from African designers? Check out our beautiful skirts: a pencil cut, patchwork style skirt that you can combine with fun accessories such as these cute earrings, or these amazing sunglasses. Celebrate African culture and heritage with the fabulous and elegant Kana Maxi Skirt, perfect for any kind of party. If you are looking for top options, check out Sika's perfect pussy-bow silk blouse, great with a pair of black trousers, an amazing belt, and these beautiful flats. Why not make a statement with the perfect, stylish bag? Sikaa celebrates African heritage through beautiful African textiles. We want to bring the spirit of the African party closer to you, working with amazing and passionate African designers. And, our unique and beautiful clothes are sustainable and affordable! What are you waiting for? Visit our website and get something beautiful today.


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