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February 26, 2021 2 min read

Ahead of the launch of our spring summer collection in March, we wanted to give you a sneak peek of the Sika'a African outfits in store. Here, we highlight some of the central pieces. Read on to discover the inspiration behind the collection of modern African outfits and the must-have African print garments of the season. 


“The new collection seeks to celebrate freedom and a collective moment of togetherness. Designed using a combination of opulent materials, bold colours, and patterns to create elaborate African outfits for women, after more than a year living with restrictions due to the pandemic, it embodies optimism and happiness.” - John Tchoudi Founder of Sika’a.


A First Look At The New Collection 

African wax prints take centre stage. Below, we go into more detail on the history behind the patterns…


Shell Print Cape Dress 

Cape sleeve African print dress 


One of the earliest wax prints produced in the Ivory Coast, this 1960s heritage fashion design is now a classic and symbolises how Indonesian patterns have been re-interpreted in Africa. Although it features a shell-like pattern, it is also known as a ‘Bunch of Bananas’ or ‘Coquillage’ meaning shell in English. It is also referred to as ‘Abobo To Le Gome,’ translated to ‘the snail out of its shell.’ This originates from the Abobozan festival celebrated each year in September. It is a tradition for the locals to eat snail dishes whilst wearing the print.

This African dress features draped, cape sleeves connected to a curved collar, a fitted waist and mid length skirt.


Village Molokai Maxi Dress

Village Molokai African print dress 

A hugely popular African fabric in DRCongo, at first glance, you might make out a variety of plants and flowers. Look closer and you’ll be able to depict a village scene. The detailed illustrations are of the Village Molokai, located in DRCongo. It is also called “Guerre de Shaba”, ‘The War of Shaba’, in memory of the struggle for independence that broke out in Shaba, a province in the southern part of DRCongo, now known as Katanga.

This eye-catching silhouette includes a flattering fitted body that evolves into a layered, full length ruffle skirt with strappy sleeves. Bright orange, yellow, flashes of green and burgundy make up the multicoloured village scene. 

Floral Print Maxi Dress

Floral print maxi African print dress 

Set upon a mustard hue, this stunning floral print embodies the essence of summer. With strappy sleeves, a long body and full length pleated skirt, it is a flattering fit for all shapes and sizes. 

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