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October 11, 2021 5 min read

Sika'aAs summer’s warm breeze fades out, it paves the way for the magic of autumn and winter fashion. Sika’a’s incredible selection of sustainable, authentic African garments can help you bring a fresh vibrancy to these classic fashion trends and capture the true essence of autumn and winter.

Let’s delve right in...

Fur Coats

The fur coat is one of the most obvious staples to an autumn/winter wardrobe. Aside from keeping you warm and cosy with its dense yet lightweight material, fur coats bring an effortlessly lavish style that is hard to replicate. A Faux fur coat does nothing less than project luxury and boldness, and they bring extravagance to autumn/winter seasons. With such a wide range of styles available – including a short or long fur coat, tight or loose fits, plain or textured material – you are bound to find the fur coat that brings out your true character. 

However, if you truly want to stand out this autumn/winter, we suggest pairing a fur coat with one of our incredible African print trousers. The Flora Cropped Trousers for instance, will add that vibrant African touch to your outfit, and the luxury of your fur coat will fit right in with the gorgeous flora design on the trousers. Also, whilst the fur coat keeps you abundantly warm, the trousers act as a perfect balance for moments when the coat is too hot, making it one of the essential autumn fashion trends. 

Trench Coats

Trench coats are another brilliant way to add layers to your outfit without compromising on style and character. The buttoned and belted style of a trench coat radiates class and sophistication, all whilst providing a shield from cooler temperatures.

Sika’a’s Simona Trench Coat is a short trench coat as stunning in design as it is in the material. This sustainably made 100% super wax cotton coat is tailored into the classic silhouette, and the yellow/green print reflects Africa's intricate carvings and jewels. With this coloured trench coat being an astounding autumn and winter fashion trend ideal for professional settings, you can now spice up your 9-to-5 environment with a real statement look. 

Darker lip

endless avenues of style that beauty products provide. However, keeping in line with winter and autumn trends, the darker lip shades take up the fashion torch around these seasons. Whilst summer is reflected by brighter tones, the coldness of winter is best embodied in darker, deeper shades. Nevertheless, Sika’a’s sustainable fashion garments can bring a harmonious balance to the darker tones of autumn/winter. 

The Crowned Queen Nandi Hand Printed Silk Scarf is the perfect example. The darker navy tones will complement the dark lip. Meanwhile, the brighter shades of pink and yellow bring a colourful balance that doesn’t disrupt the dark tone but instead revitalises it. This combination will instantly bring a unique African twist to your beauty style.


When it comes to shoes, boots are always the key ingredient to autumn and winter fashion trends. These gain popularity in such seasons for their practicality – durable, strong materials ideal for snow and rain – and because of the elegance they portray. Whether you need a sophisticated look for a formal occasion or simply want an elegant touch to your informal dressing, boots are the way to go. As always, Sika’a can take this classic fashion trend one step further by introducing a sense of innovative African flair.

Pairing your boots with the Iya Patchwork Wrap Skirt  will combine the elegance of the boots with the striking design of the skirt. This skirt takes a vast range of authentic African prints and pulls them into one incredible design. Now, when you step into the office or party, your flawless collaboration of the boots and skirt will undoubtedly draw every eye in amazement.

Cosy Jumpers

A cosy jumper is a winter/autumn trend that is most definitely not going anywhere anytime soon. It provides a comfortable and warm layer, all whilst bringing an endless range of styles and designs to your outfit. You can decide on your jumper’s pattern style, whether it’s oversized or slim, neckline style, texture/material, and so much more. It is no wonder it is such a proven look for such seasons. No matter what jumper you wear, it will only elevate your style with the addition of a Sika’a garment.

Take the Malongue Trousers for instance. Whilst the tapered cut beautifully flatters all figures, their sleek yet simple design allows them to add a dose of colourful vibrance without taking away attention from your cosy jumper. Thus, you have a dazzling outfit for any occasion.


This autumn/winter season will also see the classic use of leather in clothing. Whether it be a leather skirt, leather coat, or much more, the dark and sleek look of leather captures the essence of autumn/winter. No matter what item it is, we highly recommend adding leather to your wardrobe these next few months to accentuate your unique style. On top of this, we recommend pairing this item with one of our remarkable garments from our African fashion collection. 

Might we suggest pairing an item such as leather trousers with the exquisitely designed Hamidah silk blouse The dark elegance of the leather will create a wonderful contrast with the encapsulating beauty of the blouse. The rich colours are bound to draw attention to the graceful design of the blouse, which is perfect for a professional yet bold look.


Blazers are great at keeping you stylish and layered throughout your day. Particularly in these seasons, blazers are extremely popular amongst work environments, and when worn right, manage to reflect the sophistication and power of your character. 

This is done effortlessly with Sika’a’s Charlene Single-Breasted Blazer  Not only does the premium quality blazer create a smart look, but the deep blue and purple tones present the perfect hues for an autumn/winter outfit. Also, the inside lining of the blazer shows an intricate African print, revealing that the colourful and detailed beauty of African fashion is as sophisticated as it is creative.

The long dress

Dresses do not only work in summer seasons but can bring that touch of boldness and radiance to your autumn/winter attire. Sika’a’s Renaissance Paisley Floral-Print Gown is the perfect example as to why this is. 

The long dress design falls smoothly around the feet, with every step emanating grace, whilst the tapered waist and wrists provide flattering detail. The African print is an eruption of bold colour and unique patterning, truly showing off the energetic beauty of African style. There isn’t anywhere you’ll go where your magnificent long dress won’t be the capture of every single eye such as the Makenenewith a striking poppy print design, perfect with a leather jacket. 

To see our incredible range of autumn and winter fashion blended with an African flair, browse the stunning selection at Sika'a 

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