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February 24, 2020 3 min read

2020 is seeing a surge in intriguing trends in the world of African fashion. Designers are experimenting to create bold and beautiful new combinations of colours, patterns and fabrics. African dresses, particularly ones worn by brides on their wedding day are seeing a new boost in popularity. As the year progresses it seems likely that sales in these clothing items will continue to surge. There are several reasons why this is the case.

More choice in colour

African wedding dress


Traditional western wedding dresses have been around for centuries. Brides get a fair amount of choice when it comes to the shape of the outfit they will wear on their special day. However, in terms of colour they can only really go with white. This can be quite limiting, especially when the bride wants a dress that expresses her own unique personality. In contrast, an African designer will have the freedom to add and mix whatever colour they wish. They are limited only by their imagination. It is great to see how vibrant modern weddings have become thanks to a new openness to wear bright shades of colour. A good modern bride's dress will compliment her skin tone and really make her pop in the wedding photos.

A celebration of culture

Ghanaian groom Esinam and bride Wendell tied the knot at a gorgeous traditional marriage ceremony in January 2020. Photo:

Getting married is practised all over the world. Just because people live in a western setting does not mean they should have to conform to western fashion customs when they get married. There is no reason why they cannot choose to instead wear African dresses, especially when these items will make them look much better. There is a rich culture of wedding clothes from across the continent to choose from. When someone wears African dresses, they are celebrating a history that goes back centuries. Many of the designs have been worn by countless generations. Continuing these traditions ensures that they will live on.

Iconic classics

Designer: Esé Azénabor

When picking out the right wedding dress many people start their search by exploring classic designs of the past. Some of these are timeless classics, whereas others may seem dated by today's standards. Women should consider their own body shape as this will affect how the dress looks on them. Classic designs tend to compliment hourglass figures. But with the right designer older types of dresses can be tweaked so that anyone can wear them.

Daring modern designs 


If there is one thing we know about modern fashion it is that it constantly evolves. Styles that would seem outrageous a few years before soon become accepted by the community. Therefore, designers can afford to be daring when creating new types of African wedding dresses.

A good starting point is looking at traditional dresses that have worked in the past. The designer can then remove or add new elements to make it unique. As always, the key factor will by the body shape, skin tone and overall look of the bride. The dress is not meant to be a distraction from her natural beauty, but rather enhance it.



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