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March 26, 2021 4 min read

The arrival of warmer weather always calls for a wardrobe upgrade. And what better time to dive into some of Africa’s most sought after summer fashion trends. As the majority of African trends are rooted in tradition, many garments carry patterns and colours through seasons. Here at Sikaa’a our collections effortlessly combine old African outfit styles with new techniques, patterns and colours for modern remakes on timeless heritage prints. Regardless of where you are from, we guarantee you will want to wear these stunning African outfit styles. Read on to discover the ones you need this summer.


Soft Florals

Sikaa silk floral shirt

While traditionally African print outfits are known for their audacious choice of colour and print, this season, it is all about stripping things back and going for more muted shades. Stepping away from the more conventional colour palette allows you to introduce a softer feel to some of the styles. This subtle approach always works best in summer as it sits in line with the light and breezy feel of the season. Try the trend with Sikaa’a’s Bisi Silk Blouse - the perfect foray into this modern take on florals. Set upon a cream background, prints in hand-painted designs depict flowers and petals. The oversized shape features cropped sleeves and an equally on-trend high neck. It falls to a cropped length and holds space across the waist for maximum comfort.


Floaty Jumpsuits

Sikaa silk floral jumpsuit

One of the most versatile items, jumpsuits are wonderfully versatile and can be worn from day through tonight. For this reason, they always tend to feature somewhere in summer’s top trends. They are also a nice change from the original African two-piece outfits. With jumpsuits, the fit is critical. Avoid any that are too tight as they can appear unflattering. Comfort should also always be considered. Legs should stay long and loose, just like our offering. With expert tailoring and a folded mid-rise neck, Sikaa’a’s modern iteration, the Sakinah Silk Floral Jumpsuit is incredibly flattering and chic, whilst remaining perfectly on-trend. The soft, watercolour designs depict abstract florals in yellows and blues sat upon a cream-toned silk.


Rising Necklines

Sikaa silk high neck print dress

Defining necklines are another key feature to try this summer. Sitting in place of your usual jewellery, printed high necks like these instantly provide an element of edge to any outfit. The cut across the chest is important, as this determines how it will hang and fit across the rest of the body. In this instance, our Sikaa’a Yarima Silk Dress has a soft, draping shape that sits comfortably without pulling. This eye-catching dress also incorporates another trend in a particularly wearable way: the colour lime. Blue triangles enclosed in lime green outlines run across the entire dress. The hemline falls just below the knees for a flattering finish.


Oversized Ruffles

Sikka village molaki ruffle dress

Ruffles regularly go in and out of fashion, but we are very pleased to say they are back - and just in time for summer. Forget what you thought you knew about the trend. Unlike smaller, more conspicuous ruffles, this summer’s take is far more fashion-forward. Doubling up on fabric, volume and texture, think party style skirts that will have you making an entrance. Dresses adorned in layers of ruched fabric are a focal point this year, so the bigger the better. Keep the cut of the bodice simple and fitted so that the piece remains wearable, just like our take on the trend above with the Sika’a Lune Maxi Dress. Make sure the dress remains the focus by wearing it with simple strappy heels in white or nude.


Lime Greens

Sikaa Green shirt

Summer is a time for showcasing your boldest brightest. Switch out plain and neutral outfits for clothes that are busting with colour. Lime is undoubtedly a somewhat difficult shade to integrate into your preexisting wardrobe, but it is one of this summer’s most desired colour palettes. Embellished with geometric floral designs in an aesthetically pleasing mix of lime, blue and white, Sikaa’a’s stunning Kemala Blouse encapsulates various key summer trends. The simple silhouette comprises a loose fit and features splits on each side. Front buttons are concealed for a more streamlined, minimal look along with a curved hem and neckline. When wearing vivid colours like lime, it’s best to pair it with a more complimenting neutral shade.


Cape Sleeves

Sikaa cape sleeve dress

When the world reopens and events resume, occasion wear will sit at the top of many people’s lists. Contrary to opinion, classic silhouettes do not necessarily need to be followed so rigidly. It is the perfect time to try something new. Rather than going for straps or long sleeves, the cape is slightly more formal without being overly traditional. Sika'a’s Masiki Maxi Dress combines a long, slim silhouette fitted waist and circular neckline with draped, mid-length cape selves on either side. The fabric continues down over the back, falling just below the waist and bringing the whole piece together. The innovative shape is complimented by silver, blue and aubergine shades with shells detail.

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