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February 07, 2022 4 min read

As 2021 draws to a close, party season is upon us. Whether it's the office Christmas party or New Year's Eve celebrations, Sika'a has some of the finest African women styles. So, you can show up to the party with confidence, knowing that you can rely on our wardrobe staples. Here are just five ways that you can style a range of pieces from the Femme d'Afrique collection.

Our story

Sika'a has always placed Africa's influence at the forefront of our designs. Founded by John Tchoudi, Sika'a has always been determined to make a difference in the fashion industry and not hide behind the shadows of other luxury fashion designers.

Using vibrant colours, exhilarating designs and irresistible textures, we are proud to stand out from the crowd. Our Femme d'Afrique collection is the epitome of African luxury clothing. This collection aims to make women feel liberated, comfortable and confident in a range of styles. We are driven to bring the luxury styles of Africa into the western mainstream.

5 ways to style the Femme d'Afrique collection

The Femme d'Afrique aims to diversify the women's fashion industry, creating garments that are of high quality and can be worn for a variety of different occasions. Listed below are just a few ways these high African fashion pieces can become timeless style staples.

1. Use a long maxi dress as a wedding showstopper

Weddings are beautiful occasions that celebrate the love and vitality of two people. If you wish to exude such joy in your outfit, why not try the Upendo African Print Maxi Dress?. This exquisite flowy maxi dress exudes a bright pop of colour that will bring any wedding celebration to life. The pear green background perfectly blends subtle pink accents, giving you a resonant glow as you enter the room.

The ankle-length nature of this piece helps to better compliment the half-length peasant sleeves. This gives you a balanced shape overall. So, if you are looking to make an entrance this wedding season, this is the perfect option for you.

2. Use asymmetric patterns to brighten up your lunch break

Now that many of us are back in the office, it is important that you make most of your lunch break. If you are meeting friends in the centre of London, this Kaba African Print Maxi Dress is the ideal wardrobe staple. The various shades of green help to create an impeccable design that is able to catch the eye of any passerby, while the flowy long sleeves of this dress help to give you maximum comfort as you go about your day. Therefore, you can get on with the things that you love, knowing that you have the comfort and confidence to do it all.

3. Wear a silk dress as your date night wardrobe staple

If you're looking to impress the one, our long sleeve flowy dresses are a suitable mixture of luxury African design and simple wardrobe classics. The Safiya Poppy Print Slip Silk Dress uses an unmissable pearl white background to contrast with the striking admiral blue poppy print. This gives a simple dress an added touch of African opulence. The nuanced design and pleasant fit aid this piece in becoming the ultimate date night essential.

4. Incorporate symbolic prints into your Christmas party outfit

Christmas parties are a splendid excuse to experiment with a wide range of African patterns and designs. Our Esme Maxi Dress blends floral accents and unusual key and heart prints. These designs help to create a diverse and unique pattern, giving you the opportunity to step out in the finest African fashion.

The floor-length design allows for optimal movement and shape. Therefore, you are no longer constricted by tight materials or unflattering shapes. With the Esme maxi dress, you can feel free to dance the night away and celebrate the end of another work year.

5. Style a midi skirt to give you a more flattering shape

Midi skirts are a popular piece in any wardrobe as they can be used alongside a variety of other garments. Our Sabah Poppy Print Silk Midi Skirt offers an A-line shape with a loose-fitting pencil belt. In turn, this creates a desirable and fitting shape that does not limit movement or flow. Not to mention, this midi skirt is ethically made, which is very pragmatic if you are looking to create a more sustainable wardrobe collection. The indigo poppies help to add a burst of colour to this bright white skirt, so you can turn up to any event and sprinkle a little extra colour into the room.

Visit our website to discover more about The Femme d'Afrique collection

Sika'a is proud to host the Femme d'Afrique collection as a gateway for more mainstream luxury African fashion. If you are looking to add more luxury pieces and beautiful African attire to your wardrobe, why not visit our website to learn more about the collection?

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